ServiceNow Madrid Release Highlights – Top 10 Favourite Picks

As the general availability of ServiceNow’s Madrid release approaches, I analysed the release notes to determine what new features can be expected.

In this latest release, ServiceNow offers a significant number of excellent new features to its customers. I used ServiceNow’s public docs site as an information source for this blog post, which includes my favourite picks from the new features of the Madrid release.

More info about the Madrid release:

1. Similarity Framework

The Now Platform’s machine learning capability has been further developed. It introduces a Similarity Framework, which will help users find records related or similar to the ones they work with as soon as those records are logged, thus, reducing resolution time. More info:

2. Mobile Studio

With the Madrid release, there are more no code tools available for mobile with the new Mobile Studio. More info:

3. Antivirus Scanning

The Antivirus defence related to ServiceNow record attachments is also a brand-new feature. It is expected that the antivirus will make the general use of the Now Platform more secure. More info:

4. Instance Security Centre

With the new instance, security centre feature the main security settings and status of the Now Platform can now easily be monitored and actions can be taken where necessary. More info:

5. Embed an approval request and survey within the Outlook email client

Outlook users can now approve records and take surveys using Outlook only. More info: And:

6. Customer Service Management integration with ITSM

The long-awaited out-of-the-box integration between CSM and ITSM is here covering record creation and updates, so there is no need for custom solutions anymore. More info:

7. Automated Test Framework – Quick Start Tests

Another long-awaited feature is here! Quick start test templates in the Automated Test Framework are now available, which will make it easier to conduct regression tests after changes and upgrades. More info:

8. Support for platform subscriptions that include custom table allotments

ServiceNow license usage tracking is also made easier in Madrid, making it possible to track custom table usage. More info:

9. Test Management Version 2

A brand-new test management application with a useful test board is now part of the ServiceNow service offering too. More info:

10. Agent Workspace

After the limited availability release in the London version of ServiceNow, with the Madrid release, Agent Workspace is now generally available and helps fulfiller users especially Service Desk agents to have all the information they need in one place. More info:

About the Author

Zalan Heil is a ServiceNow expert with over a decade of experience with consultancy practice management, business development, project management, business analysis, solution architecture, and technology development. He has worked in multinational teams from the EU and the USA.