ServiceNow New York Top 10 Features

As the general availability of ServiceNow’s New York release approaches, I analysed the release notes to determine what new features can be expected.

In this latest release as usual, ServiceNow offers a significant number of excellent new features to its customers. I used ServiceNow’s public docs site as an information source for this blog post, which includes my favourite picks from the new features of the New York release.

More info about the New York release:

1. Now Mobile Apps

The Now Platform now has 3 new mobile apps in the Apple Store and in Google Play. ServiceNow Agent for fulfillers, Now Mobile for end users, and ServiceNow Onboarding for people teams. More info:

2. Guided Application Creator

With the New York release, there are more no code tools available such as the Guided Application Creator. More info:

3. Investment Funding

Part of IT Business Management the new Investment Funding app helps with planning and managing investments. More info:

4. Instance Data Replication

Instance Data Replication automatically replicates data onto one or more other instances. More info:

5. Automatic Instance Cloning

Automatic instance cloning helps with cloning instances automatically on a recurring basis. More info:

6. Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding enables the system to learn and respond to human-expressed intent to trigger user or system actions. More info:

7. ITSM Roles

The ITSM Roles plugin provides several new roles across ITSM applications. More info:

8. Remote Tables

Connect the Now Platform to external data sources to retrieve external data. More info:

9. Virtual Agent Conversations

Several new pre-built topic conversation flows are available in the New York release. More info:

10. Dynamic translation

With the use of translation service providers, dynamically generated text can be easily translated. More info:

About the Author

Zalan Heil is a ServiceNow expert with over a decade of experience with consultancy practice management, business development, project management, business analysis, solution architecture, and technology development. He has worked in multinational teams from the EU and the USA.