Paste screenshot or image from clipboard to ServiceNow Service Portal record producer or catalog item

Today we give out this downloadable freebie: a ServiceNow Service Portal widget that allows images or screenshots to be copy-pasted into record producers and catalog items on the Service Portal.

Users can press the “Print Screen” button or copy an image to the clipboard and then paste it by pressing CTRL + V (or CMD + V on Mac) on any Service Portal forms, and the image from the clipboard will immediately be attached to the record as a normal attachment.

The update set is available to download from the ServiceNow Share site:


First, the update set needs to be downloaded an imported into the selected ServiceNow instance.

The update set contains not only the widget, but also a variable set, which can be assigned to any existing record producers or catalog items. The variable set is called “Paste screenshot”:

The widget can also be added to any catalog items as a standalone variable. The variable’s type should be “Macro”, and the selected widget should be the “ESM – Macro – Paste image”, as shown in the following example:


To make it easier for the users to understand that this feature is available, some help text can be added to the catalog item’s / record producer’s description. The widget’s template can be changed as shown in the following example:

This will make the additional text translateable and visible on the form:

About the Author

Matyas Peto is a Lead ServiceNow Service Portal developer, who has successfully completed numerous ServiceNow Service Portal projects with unique features and custom Service Portal elements for enterprise customers in the EU and USA.