ServiceNow Paris Top 10 Features

As the general availability of ServiceNow’s Paris release approaches, I analysed the release notes to determine what new features can be expected.

As usual, I used ServiceNow’s public docs site as an information source for this blog post, which includes my favourite picks from the new features of the Orlando release.

More info about the Paris release:

1. Delegated Request

Catalog item can now be requested on behalf of another user or multiple users. More info:

2. Catalog Item Diagnostics

Possible violations from recommended practices can now easily be identified. More info:

3. Change Success Score

Insight is now provided to the performance of change management teams. More info:

4. Publish knowledge articles at a scheduled date and time

A specific time and day can be set for a knowledge article to be published automatically. More info:

5. SLA Timer

The SLA timer component can be used to track the amount of time that is required to complete a task as defined by the matching SLA definition. More info:

6. RIDAC for Demand and Projects

Existing RIDAC records (risks, issues, actions, decisions, and request changes) can be linked to one another for project and demand records. More info:

7. Idea Manager Dashboard

Idea metrics and trends can be viewed in the Idea Manager Dashboard including ideas in different states, age of ideas, categories, and ideas converted to different work entities. More info:

8. Scenario Planning for PPM

Scenario Planning for PPM enables Portfolio Managers to plan their portfolio investment, work and resources using multiple “what-if” scenarios. More info:!/store/application/a51435d15b320010ab54aca43381c75f

9. Playbooks for Customer Service Management

Playbooks provide step-by-step guidance for completing the tasks needed to resolve specific types of customer service cases. More info:

10. ITSM Virtual Agent Lite

A pre-built subset of ITSM Virtual Agent features to quickly and easily implement a virtual agent for end users. More info:

About the Author

Zalan Heil is a ServiceNow expert with over a decade of experience with consultancy practice management, business development, project management, business analysis, solution architecture, and technology development. He has worked in multinational teams from the EU and the USA.